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A former bank lawyers and Miami-Dade County prosecutors, Bruce Jacobs & Court Keeley have built a reputation for tenacity when it comes to advocating for consumers, whether in the negotiating room, the courtroom, or through media appearances, including their radio show “Debt Warriors with Bruce Jacobs & Court Keeley.”

The dedicated Miami debt defense attorneys and consumer rights advocates at Jacobs | Keeley fight shoulder to shoulder with a national movement of foreclosure defense attorneys who train using cutting edge legal strategies and share information and litigation tactics in real time. The aim is to stop foreclosures and the abuses of credit card companies by holding lenders accountable.

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Florida has been Ground Zero for the foreclosure crisis brought about by the unethical and fraudulent lending and foreclosure practices of Wall Street. Rather than come to the aid of homeowners, state and federal authorities have gone to great lengths to protect these institutions from suffering the consequences of a decade of waste and abuse.

The Florida Attorney General’s Office has stood idly by as lawmakers work to make it easier for lenders to bypass the rights of homeowners in seeking foreclosure actions. Proof abounds of robo-signing, fraud and bad faith on the part of banks. Some of the nation’s largest lenders have signed billion-dollar agreements to settle abuses for pennies on the dollar, and then blatantly and flagrantly reneged on those promises to the government by initiating foreclosures against struggling homeowners looking for a helping hand.

Commonly, frequently and with great regularity, there is much our Miami foreclosure defense attorneys can do to help a homeowner. However, homeowners too often fail to seek such assistance until it’s too late. In many cases, these banks cannot produce legitimate paperwork proving the homeowner even owes the mortgage note. In other cases, fraudulent or missing paperwork, or just plain obstinate behavior on the part of the lender, can permit a foreclosure defense firm to take positive action to improve a homeowner’s position.

Whether attempting to avoid foreclosure, negotiate a short sale or avoid a deficiency judgment, these lending institutions have made one thing perfectly clear: They have no intentions of dealing fairly with the consumer. Thus, it is all the more critical that homeowners understand the common law at the root of all real estate transactions, caveat emptor: Buyer Beware.


The government has made little or no meaningful effort at protecting consumers after uncovering the deplorable and often illegal actions of large lending institutions in dealing with mortgage debt. So it should come as no surprise that many of the same abuses are being perpetuated against consumers struggling to deal with credit card debt.

These companies must be right-sized by an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney who has the knowledge and resources to protect a consumer’s rights. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, both offer such protections. But both are routinely ignored by credit-card companies and the debt-collection agencies that service them.

In all cases, it’s incumbent upon the consumer to assert his or her rights. In many cases, simply seeking the assistance of an experience law firm is enough to make a collection agency disappear. Often, they are on shaky legal ground and typically there is easier money to be made seeking default judgments against those who fail to put up a fight. Once a company obtains a judgment against you, the case becomes much harder for the consumer to win. And you could face property seizure or property liens, and may even be forced to deal with wage garnishment.

At Jacobs | Keeley, we stand with the consumer in South Florida. And we are ready to fight. Negotiate from Strength! Call us today.

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