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Bruce Jacobs & Associates, P.A. , based in Miami, FL, is a full service real estate litigation firm. Bruce Jacobs is a former bank lawyer and Miami-Dade County prosecutor. He spent years representing BankUnited and South Florida Lenders in complex commercial and real estate litigation.

For years, he oversaw the foreclosure department of his prior law firm, prosecuting foreclosures throughout the State of Florida. The combination of trial and banking experience affords Bruce Jacobs and Associates a unique perspective to best protect our client's rights.

Bruce Jacobs and Associates fight shoulder to shoulder with a national movement of foreclosure defense attorneys. The firm trains on cutting edge legal strategies from all over Florida and United States in real time. The real fight is to stop foreclosure by holding lenders to their own complex transactions.

Now, Bruce Jacobs & Associates develops personalized legal strategies that position business owners, homeowners, commercial property owners and real estate investors to best navigate these difficult economic times.

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